This shit is banging. Game.




Idk man. I jus really love boxers. (at OCMD)

I don’t need no favors, making my own paper, got my own drinks you can save that shit for later. You never met a real woman bc all you bump with thots. Can you keep it 💯 boy or nah ..


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When they grill you dinner 😍😘 on July 24th.

You should jus drink a couple drinks with a girl like me. You probably go insane with a girl like me.. Let’s jus party til we can’t…. Ain’t no loving me & I’m the one to blame so don’t come looking for love.

Do you wanna play dynasty warriors? Lmfao! My brother texted me this.

Sexy eyes 😍 #328i #baby #myonlytruelove #bmwgang


I’ve Given Up On You // Real Friends [video credit]

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