Top pic : 7 yrs ago. Bottom pic : Now. Things change but our friendship stay the same ✊ #distancefriendshiptho #whosmakingfacesnow #youngbols #ninja

& it’s sad to see so much has changed.

Beautiful out. (at Zinburger Cherry Hill)

I wonder how many times you’ve compared me to her.

Ten word story.  (via exfriend)

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Not where I want to be right now…

My biggest fear is happening at this point.

My favorite. Thank you babe 💕

#burberry #jefferycampbell #chanel #chanelespadrilles #cocochanel #cocomademoiselle (6.8 oz. the biggest bottle, not a lot of places carry this size) prices go up on chanel and parfum every 2 yrs, follow me on poshmark, my prices are reasonable if not yet good (: I bundle too. #toryburch #sale #ineedthemtogo #girlyfashion #poshmark

Hey ladies! Follow me on poshmark! I haven’t been on here for awhile but I jus literally posted more items to sell last night while I was cleaning my room and found lots of things I never got to use! I’m also thinking about selling my #Chanelesperadrilles @Chanel they are sold out I think at every store! Black on black, I still have the receipt and everything that comes with it. #poshmark #follow @skl0vely <— with a zero.

I meant “MASE” lol but yoooo my rap game 😂😩😭

@lannie1124 something light lol.

I could name a lot of things any other girls won’t do for you, I’ll do it for you.

Pumpkin spice latte. Another reason to love Fall season 💕

Flowers a day makes a headache go away..